Other Services We Offer at Mary Jones Design

It’s that time of year when a wealth of new talent enters the industry. Here at Mary Jones Design, we are doing everything we can to help emerging designers. Here are some of the new things we are offering, scroll down for more details:

  • Portfolio Reviews - You can make an appointment with us for a small cost to come into our studio and show us your portfolio. We can advise what work you should include and how you should present and organise your portfolio as well as, suggest ways you can enhance and add to your current body of existing work. We can do reviews one to one or in small groups, get in touch to make an appointment.

  • Technical Workshops - We run regular Photoshop workshops to help you gain new skills or enhance existing ones. This is an opportunity to master any part of the design process that you struggle with. Workshops run from 1 to 3 days depending on your requirements. Find out more by emailing us - maryjones.design@virgin.net or visit our workshops page.